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Miss SL ♛ Japan’s inspiration for her national costume is Amaterasu, the Shinto Goddess of the Sun.  Ouhirume, another name for Amaterasu, shines light on hidden things and is a protector against deception. She protects the scared mirror, Yata no Kagami, which is one of the three treasures of Japan, and challenges us to look at ourselves clearly and honestly.  Ouhirume’s home is the Ise Shrine, located in Honshu, Japan.  The shrine’s maiden colors are red and white

Miss SL ♛ Japan’s masterpiece national costume called Ouhirume was custom-created by June Dion of Bare Rose.  Historically, her extremely elegant robe, called a Junihitoe with its wide bell sleeves, was worn only by noble women at formal ceremonies centuries ago.  In present day, it is officially worn only for the Imperial Enthronement Ceremony and Royal Weddings.  She wears a golden crown, anklets, necklace, also created by Bare Rose.  To complete her national presentation, she wears a traditional Japanese hairstyle called Geisha Shimada, and basic Geta sandals both by Anachron.

Miss SL ♛ Japan stands nobly in the center of the mirror which is part of Ouhirume’s shrine, and reflects on the meaning of Amaterasu—Shining in Heaven.

My deepest and grateful thanks to June Dion of BareRose for making my spectacular noble costume and to Dahriel del Piero from PosESioN for making my custom Kimono custom poses.

Photographer:  Jackson Redstar
Location:   Calas Parks @ Glanduin

BareRose – Ouhirume Miss SL Japan National Costume
BareRose – Ouhirume Ise Shrine
Anachron – Geisha Shimada hair – Noirette
Anachron – Basic Geta – Asanhoa Red

Violetta – Kitsune makeup 01
Violetta – Kitsune makeup 02