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Daifuku and Dango are Japanese confections of round rice cakes (moschi) and sweet fillings. The most common varieties are pale pink, white, and pale green. Ichigo Daifuku is stuffed with chocolate filling and a whole strawberry, usually eaten during Spring, and served with green tea. Miss SL ♛ Japan chose these two confections because of their lovely pastel colors and because she can’t resist chocolate, strawberries and cream for her sweet tooth.

Miss SL ♛ Japan’s inspiration for her La Dulce Vida styling include Daifuku, Dango, chocolate, strawberries, and cream.

Her scrumptious Ichigo Daifuki and Dango styling consists of a stunning satin skirt and puffy sleeves by AZUL (creamy moschi) and a gorgeous chocolate (filling) corset by Blacklace. Chocolate and cream swirl through her Amacci streaked updo, and G&D shoes, and hand-picked strawberries garnish her corset and shoes. She created her luscious hat, applied pretty geisha make-up, and dipped her nails in chocolate fondue.

Photographer:  Jackson Redstar

AZUL – Nora long skirt – Nude
AZUL – Nora sleeves – Pearl
Blacklace – Timeless – Chocolate Satin & Lace – corset
Mesh strawberries for corset and shoes (created by me)
G&D shoes – Annie – CreamChoco
Amacci – Sphinx streaked – Pearl Platinum
Mandala – Pearl-Rain-Season 3 pink – earrings and pendant A
Avaway – strawberry ring

Ichago Daifuku platter hat:

Frangipani Garden – Azuki Daifuku (edited by me)
Tsunami Creations – teak wooden platter (edited by me)
Mesh strawberries (edited by me)
Dango (created by me)
Gold hair sticks (created by me)

Make-up & Nails:

Izzie’s – Large Area eyeshadow w/liner – pink
Romance Couture – simple inner eyeliner – soft brown
aii – geisha kiss lips – red
Hello Dave – Chocolate Fondue

Location: The Rose Theatre