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As I gaze into my mirror, I see a candidate who became one of the top 5 winners in the recent Miss Virtual LatinoAmerica pageant.  At this time, I wish to formally thank all those who helped me achieve my goal.

Thank you to; Layka, SCarl1, Yashi, Sakura, and Ren for being so patient with me and my very very limited Spanish, and a bigger thank you to Yeriak who I constantly IM’d for guidance and to ensure I understood the requirements of most challenges, the absolute second she logged into Second Life.

Thank you to June Monteiro from JUMO for making my stunning Monarch Butterfly gown as my national costume.  When I showed you the photo of my inspiration, you became as excited as I did, and despite your untimely internet disruptions in real life, you were able to work your magic for me.

Thank you to Loredana from Lyrical B!zarre Templates for my show-stopper black velvet gown.  When I told you my inspiration came from the Edith Head gown in White Christmas, you said it was one of your favourite classic gowns of all time, I knew it would be a masterpiece.

Thank you to Belle Roussel from Chop Zuey Couture for redesigning my spectacular array of dazzling jewels, just for me.

Thank you to Mirja Mills from EMO-tions Hair for creating both my vintage hair styles.

Thank you to all my pageant sisters for; welcoming me into your community, your valuable information which helped me shine as MVL♛ Mexico, and translating when required.

Lastly, to Kendal, Eles, Euridice, Ludmilla, and Veronica Dotterkelch for believing in me and encouraging me along my journey, and to LTZ from Dream Edition Digital Art Studio for creating this incredible mirrored photograph.

Reflecting on my pageant