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This divine leather denim outfit with tons of accessories is a definite must have for any celestial female warrior.

The tiny gold rivets on the pockets and belt are so incredibly creative, and the seductive crop top is just too sexy for words.  The fabulous stiletto heels (for Slink high) are the perfect weapons used for digging heels into any combative alien, and the silver bracelets (with built-in radar to detect astral enemies within 2 million solar miles) are a great compliment to the silvery sheen in the fabric.  The amazing black gloves come with a HUD where you can chose 6 different animations on both or either hand.  I love the soft touches of the rose flower brooch and the top hat with veil fascinator (used when femininity is required on those bossy male Space team leaders).  No heavenly female warrior would be complete without these dazzling earrings.

Chambery is also available in; Jungle, Red, Purple, and Black.

JUMO chambery_001

Chambery outfit – Navy – .:JUMO:.
Peyton – *ARGRACE*
eyeshadow – Columbine Blue – .:JUMO:.
lips – Soft Kisses – blue – Madrid Solo
lips – bubble gloss – Madrid Solo
Location: Inspire Space Park