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I’m always inspired by creativity in real life or Second Life, and today’s inspiration came from both–Google and Second Life.  Avante gard has always amazed me, yet I can never understand why the majority of colors used is black and/or white.  Black is one of my favorite colors and sure, it worked well today with white, but I just had to toss in a pop of color.  As it happens, red is another favorite color of mine.

Last night, I spent approximately four daunting hours trying to re-organize my messy Second Life inventory.  Once done, I had forgotten some of the goodies that were buried deep Deep DEEP.  Stuff I hadn’t worn for a long time—latex, lace, metals—ooh my, I could go on and on and on.

After sifting through my latex, accessories, and metal treasures, I came up with this avante gard styling.  The remaining photos can be seen on my Flickr page. 🙂

avantegard mix and match_007

L.A. Shiny catsuit undershirt
Nyte’N’Day – Coax Corset – Silver
Glam Dreams ” Iana ” Female Shoulder Pads
Glam Dreams Hunger Games ” Iana ” Skirt
Maitreya Mesh Couture Leggings – Lipstick

Eclipse Punk collar and bracelets
Violator-Requiem earrings

Hair:  !*Bliss Hair*! Horn Hair – Caviar

Pose:  Vestige