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Welcome to my skybox in the year 3000.

It is an simplistic office/agency dedicated to the fashion world. Display boards feature the looks of tomorrow. Metals and rock are the building materials of the year 3003 because thanks to our forebears, they depleted the forests of wood. but us futurists are about innovation and function. My office is one big conference room with a meeting area, a socializing area, and a waiting area for future candidates of SL Next Top Model.

Our office if proud to have The JK Team as their biggest client. With every fashion victim they save, they input all information into our computers so we may use our technology to erradicate flexi hair, noob skins and standard avatar clothing.

n the corner beside the stairway, we have a closet chamber. This allows us to step into the chamber, simply press the style button of your choice, and voila! You are styled from tip to toe and will be the envy of the fashion galaxy!

challenge 6 - futuristic_001 challenge 6 - futuristic_002 challenge 6 - futuristic_003 challenge 6 - futuristic_004 challenge 6 - futuristic_005


Outfit: [sYs] VORTEX long dress – Black

Jewellery: Chop Zuey Celestial Eclipse earrings and bangles

Hair: enVOGUE HAIR – Clarissa