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Our challenge today was about superheros and their sidekicks.  It was a tad nerve-wracking due to the restraints in time, but my “sidekick” and I (after hours of laughing while preparing) did get it done.

Television had The A Team, SL has The JK Team – Two letters side by side in the alphabet, two superhero women fighting fashion crime in Second Life. Fashion emergencies are their forte as they rush to every fashion victim, guiding them to better hair, better skins and better clothing. J, the elegant side of this dynamic duo, waving her clothes hanger like a magic wand, ready to do battle with clothing disasters. K, the club chic side, brandishing her hairbrush as she vigorously brushes away those awful locks of flexi hair until they magically become mesh. She is J’s sidekick.

the JK Team

A very special thanks to Lady Falina Katze, my sidekick today.