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I went to Models Workshop yesterday for a discussion on mesh bodies which was presented by Daria.  It was very well received and I’m sure glad I went!

Daria began her talk about the different mesh bodies available, their pro’s and con’s and the latest information with regards to updates.  While it seemed most of us in the audience favor the Maitreya mesh body, it was great to see what others prefer.  The Slink Physique and the Belleza bodies are also quite popular.

Daria spoke about the Omega appliers too.  This applier will not work with all bodies, in particular TMP and Slink Physique, but definitely will work with my Maitreya, so I’m a happy camper.

Daria was flooded with questions from all of us but she was extremely helpful and quickly answered our questions.  She will be doing an advanced workshop where she will talk more about the mesh heads.

To read more about yesterday’s workshop and all about every mesh body in Second Life, here is Daria’s website link:  http://meshbodyaddicts.com/