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Stone's Works - Jaquard black hat2 Stone's Works - Jaquard black hat3 Stone's Works - Jaquard black hat1

I love hats, therefore it was hard to choose which hat to blog about today. After what seemed hours of deliberation, I chose this wonderful Jaquard wide-brim creation from Darkstone Aeon of Stone’s Works. The hat is available in other colors as well, however Darkstone will try and accommodate custom orders as well.

He has other magnificent hats on display as well. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, as well as whimsical sprite creations, western wear, and panamas.

Darkstone created the Cassatt hat for the 2014 Arts in Hats fair, and is now available in his shop. (I will blog about this hat in the near future)

Stone’s Works

At the landing point, follow the stone path until you reach the store, then turn right to enter his hat shop.

This photo was the over-all style I created.

executive chic_031