Ok I have to confess, I’ve found three great sites for SL freebies:




These three sites feature blogs from other SL residents who painstakingly wander through stores and MarketPlace looking for group gifts and freebies.  To all of the models, fashion fanatics, and divas who have dedicated hours upon hours of research as well as devoted hours to styling, I thank you from the bottom of my heart (and my wallet of lindens).

Take your time looking through Eliza’s site, as she lists sites from numerous bloggers who also have jumped on the freebie bandwagon.

If you are not a member of  SL Frees & Offers or Fabulously Free in SL, OMG what are you waiting for?  Walk, no RUN!  to your SL search bar and find these groups to join.  They are 2 of the must-have groups you should have in your Groups list.

Since I’m now on this freebie frenzy, I will blog daily on what I’ve found and what I’m wearing.  You can be sure most if not all of the items will be free.  I will try to include the landmarks to these generous creators and stores when I can.

Please keep in mind, some of the items I will be wearing may be from past hunts.  Did I mention I love hunts too?

I hope you will enjoy what I have done, and I hope I will be able to help you find your fabulous look with all these fabulous freebies.