A lovely casual outfit which comes with a HUD, giving you 6 top textures and 6 skirt textures which you can mix and match.  I love the detail of the skirt and sash, especially the creases in the fabric.  You can almost touch the fabric with your fingers.


Artizana - Aibrean

Model/Photographer: Jaily Bailey

Outfit: :: Artizana :: Aibrean

Shoes: strap stilettos

jewelry: Chop Zuey Inclinations Choker necklace and earrings, Born to Raise Hell bracelet

hair: .:EMO-tions:. Finya (Black)

skin: ::DS:: Lenia Amaretto Bikini

eyes: Az… Honey (promo)

make-up: .::Beautiful Deluxe ::. Amante Smudge Eyelashes, ~Oceane~ Gorgeous Glammy full make-up (Copper)

nails: :: PM :: Metallic Black