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Feeling Pinky is an adorable outfit by Rejuve’s Raggs and is a must-add to your closet this season.  This adorable pink plaid sweater makes a fun fashion statement with elbow pads, and the matching tennis shoes complete this look.  The sweater is available for: Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Ocacin, and Tonic, as well as Large, Medium and Small fitted mesh.  The shoes are only available for Maitreya and Slink.

Also shown is Rejuve’s Raggs black high-waist skinnies which will be available on MarketPlace soon.


Rejuve’s Raggs – Feelin Pinky sweater for Maitreya
Rejuve’s Raggs – Feelin Pinky tennis shoes for Maitreya
Rejuve’s Raggs – black high waist skinnies for Maitreya (coming soon)

Outfit here

Cruising To Monaco for BOSL


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Umi tattoo – Dappa
Sovi top – David Heather
Cali pants – Miss Chelsea
Koko polka dot tights – Body Essentials
Jana gloves – Miss Chelsea
Maia pumps – KC
MAYU [Mirror] – Argrace
Isadora Micro baguette – Ryvolter
Heat lipstick – ALMA Makeup
Glitter eyeliner – ARTE

MVU 2019 – 3rd Challenge – The Middle Ages


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The inspiration for my styling is based on medieval European medicines and magic during the Middle Ages. Sorcery, potions, and punishment during these dark times have always fascinated me. Crows or ravens were believed to be symbols of bad luck and death.

My character is a French noblewoman who lived in the late 16th Century and became widowed while still in her early 20’s. She was fascinated by all forms of sorcery and practised these dark arts in secrecy for several years.

The Marchioness’ secret was discovered when her much-older lover, a wealthy landowner, fell ill. She had told him she would create a potion to help cure him when in fact she concocted a poison to kill him. Inevitably, the old man passed away.

The townsfolk were devastated because the wealthy landowner was a generous employer, and now they had no money for food, clothing or shelter. They demanded the curia regis punish the Marchioness for her black magic, and subsequently she was prosecuted then sentenced to death–burned at the stake.

As the tongues of flames licked at her feet then crawled upwards to consume her body, she began to transform into a Crow. She wailed and cawed to her murder of crows to pluck the spirit from within her, until she died.

OUTFIT – Bombon embroidered skirt by Malena Von Dash
OUTFIT – laced leather shirt by Quality Designs
OUTFIT – Danielle sleeves by AZUL
HAIR – Godiva French Hood with hair by Bliensen + MaiTai (color edited by me)
STOCKINGS – Herringbone tights by Body Essentials
SHOES – Milady’s slippers by Deviance
JEWELLERY – Dragon Claws by Slavia
LIPS – Fright Queen by Izzie’s
EYESHADOW – Fright Queen by Izzie’s
ACCESSORIES – The London Ruff by Junbug
ACCESSORIES – Azrael Bone wings by Remarkable Oblivion
ACCESSORIES – Watching crows by Dead Center
ACCESSORIES – The Crow by uostna Ghost

The Burned at the Stake scaffold and pyre were created by me using scripts and textures from Linden Labs.

Location: Octoberville 2018

MVU 2019 2nd Challenge – Zodiac Becomes Art & Poetry


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“Aries women don’t need material things,
Write her a poem or love letter then watch her light up with happiness.”

The Milky Way is a barred spiral system of over two billion stars which it holds within its four arms to resemble a celestial whirlpool of Divine wonderment. Constellations are created from these stars–my constellation is ARIES.

“We are all made of stars.” ~~ R.E.M.

I am Aries, the first astrological sign of the zodiac. My ruling planet is Mars, my element sign is Fire, my animal is the Ram, my birthstone is the diamond, and my astrology sign is ♈. These symbols and the stars of our galaxy are the inspirations in my Art and Poetry outfit.

The orbit above me shows fiery Mars and its alignment with both the Moon and the Constellation of Aries. A ram‘s head is also included. My headdress is Ram horns, my sash contains the Constellation with the astrological symbol below it. The fire in my hands inspires me and gives me the power to create, The fire spirit inside me inspires me to love with the warmth of the heart. My diamond jewelry set represents our Milky Way with galactic motifs, and there are twinkling diamonds within the stars on my sash.

While I am adorable and lovable, Aries traits include: optimism, determination, and stubbornness, along with willpower, stamina and passionate impulse (this most likely explains my abundance of hugs).

“It is the stars, The stars above us, govern our conditions.” ~~ Shakespeare: King Lear: Act 4 Scene 3

HAIRBASE – Stars by RSC (retinted by me)
HORNS – Hayley by Lyrical B!zarre (edited by me)
LINER – Evening Glitter by Izzie’s
LIPS – Silver Glitter by Izzie’s
JEWELRY – En tournant necklace by Lazuri
JEWELRY – En tournant earrings by Lazuri
TATTOO – Aries by This Is Wrong
TOP – Elsa by Tiffany Designs
GOWN – Caroline by Giuliadesign (retextured by me)
SKIRT – Julie by AZUL
GLOVES – Julie by AZUL
ACCESSORIES – Stardust by aii
ACCESSORIES – flame trails by Frio’s
ACCESSORIES – Bronze Ram’s head by AlchemyImmortalis (edited by me)

MY CREATION – Aries Constellation sash using items from: AARC, Parkins, TAKE MESH, and JUMO
MY CREATION – Solar System using scripts from Linden Labs and textures from Google

MVU 2019 1st Challenge – Heavenly Bodies


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My inspiration is Madonna’s black taffeta creation she wore at the Met Gala 2018 event. I am always in awe of Madonna’s fashion sense and she did not disappoint. Both Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier are a match made in fashion Heaven (no pun intended). Her sumptuous gown with sheer underlay shirt, plus the spectacular ornate crown kicked my creativity into high gear.

I wanted to give the impression of the Presence of God by using three prominent colors. The main focus of my overall styling is the cross, seen in my top, my jewelry, and in my head wear.

Gold represents all what is precious, and is shown in my headdress, crown and jewels. Red is the color of the Roman Catholic church and symbolizes the presence of God, and the roses symbolize martyrdom. White represents holiness, virtue and reverence.


HEAD PIECE – Dariya in gold by Promagic (retextured by me)
HEAD PIECE – Prince’s crown by Dreaming Thicket (retextured by me)
HAIR – Cor.003 by booN
TOP – Farah by ISON
TOP – Ester by Utopia
SKIRT – Valsnia by AZUL
BELT – Valsnia by AZUL
BELT DECORATIONS – mesh red roses (created by me)
SHOES – Carmel by Amacci
JEWELRY – Gold Rosary by Salt & Pepper
JEWELRY – Dream of the Rood earrings by Chop Zuey
JEWELRY – Crucifix ring by Swallow
JEWELRY – Rose ring by Imeka (edited by me)
LIPS – by Glam Affair
EYES – eyeshadow by Studio Exposure
NAILS – Metallic Moon by alme.

Location:  St. Alban’s Church

Black Leather


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OUTFIT – ISON – evening shoulder jacket
OUTFIT – .miss chelsea. – Lili bralet
OUTFIT – Ducknipple: Fetish skirt
OUTFIT – January ~ panties
OUTFIT – FurtaCor*Net Socks:::
SHOES – BAX Regency Boots
TATTOO – TAOX – Natcha
HAIR – booN UPP382
NAILS – *Merlific* Nova Nails
MAKEUP – *UltraViolence* lipgloss
MAKEUP – ::SG:: Liner
ACCESSORIES – Violator – Requiem earrings
ACCESSORIES – Meva Cleavage and Collarbone Piercings
ACCESSORIES – Meva Belly Piercings
ACCESSORIES – Meva Bento Hand Piercings
ACCESSORIES – Punch face piercings
ACCESSORIES – Zaara: Weed Joint

Pose: Fairey Poses – Lean on Me

MVU 2019 Live Audition – Tom Ford Inspiration


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Tom Ford’s Fall 2018 collection was the inspiration for my colorful look today. My Dress to Impress mix and match style outfit was created based on his whimsical fashion show during New York Fashion Week, as well as Pantone’s Fashion Color Trends for Fall and Winter 2018.

I chose clothing pieces from Bakaboo and Baby Monkey, as well as stockings from Izzie’s. Overall, I wanted to created a brave edgy look, to give the impression of a kaleidoscope of floral patterns and geometric shapes. These elements are quite profound in my dress and hat. I chose a bright and bold dramatic Magenta with splashes of fresh tropical cyan because they make me happy.

My Becky hat from Zibska is tilted to give the impression of an artist’s palette. Its colorful HUD dribbles splashes of paint onto my Bakaboo dress and brings it to life. My vibrant leggings and booties are separated by a hint of lovely stockings between them.

Not wanting anyone to overdose from all this spectacular goodness, and avoid going “over-the-top”, I accessorised with a single bangle from Ghee, and adorable bento Meow rings from AvaWay.

Statement dress by Bakaboo
Leather leggings by Baby Monkey
Sheer tights by Izzie’s
Becky hat and orbit by Zibska
Krista by Limerence
Ankle booties by Gos
Green Mother of Pearl bangle by Ghee
Meow ring by AvaWay
Makeup by Glam Affair
Nails by Cazimi
Pose by Fairey PosesMiss Virtual Universe ♛ 2019

Fall 2018 – Modern Urban


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OUTFIT – Ghee – Longline Cardigan – Gray
OUTFIT – SEUL – Vamp Skinnies
OUTFIT – Izzie’s – Sheer Tights
OUTFIT – Thalia Heckroth- Anu loafers
OUTFIT – [hh] gift scarf
HAIR – enVOGUE HAIR – Miriam
ACCESSORIES – Pieces of April – Earring (for scarf pin)
ACCESSORIES – Ghee Croc Tote Bag – Port
MAKE-UP – Studio Exposure – Forever eyeshadow
MAKE-UP – Studio Exposure – Dramatic lipstick
NAILS – alme. – French

Location: Free Photo Studio – Photostudio



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The Obon Festival of Souls was held on August 18th at the Kyoto Kagai and was hosted by the geisha of the Hanafusa Okiya.  We celebrated this event with the Okiya who commemorate and remember deceased ancestors.  We enjoyed the folk music while participating in the Bon Adori, dancing to the beat of the daiko/taiko drum.  The Bon Adori was established after the Second World War.

We enjoyed the games–diving for ducks, scooping goldfish, hammer game, and a typing game, where all prizes were unique and fun, and truly one-of-a-kind.  There was plenty of fresh foods to sample–slushes, ice cold cucumber popsicles, cherry tomatoes on a stick. and sushi.

Later, we moved to the picturesque bridge where we released lanterns into the river.  Customarily, the lanterns are released in the evening.  Notwithstanding the magic of Second Life, we set our environments to midnight and were in awe of the array of colourful lanterns floating on the river and fireworks exploding in the sky.

No Obon Festival is complete without a haunting Ghost story, and our host did not disappoint.  We nervously held our lanterns, which guided our path, and walked towards a small cabin with friendly spirits welcoming us.  We knelt on cushions and listened wide-eyed to the story of Hashihime, a courtly lady who was consumed by jealousy and held steadfast in its power.

Domo arigatou gozaimasu to:  Kikutsuru-san, Kikune-san, Ayumi-san, and Kikushino-san.

Domo arigatou gozaimasu and ashiteru Ethan-san

Summer Sun, Rising Sun


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Location: Village of Ahiru

Hair – MEILIN – EMO-tions
Jewelry – The Rising Sun – Chop Zuey
Top – Bruno Kimono – Emery
Shirt – strapless top – Crazy Pastry
Pants – leather leggings – Rowne
Shoes – Geta heel – EXiA
Lips – Lustre – Stellar
Makeup – eyeliner pack – Oceane
Nails – Kimono – Cazimi