Ghee Jali Exclusive Ensemble for SCALA Yin/Yang Event


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Jali is a gorgeous couture ensemble inspired by Chinese designer Guo Pei and will be exclusive to the SCALA Yin/Yang Event for June 15 to 30.  This sumptuous ensemble features; a form fitting strapless gown with an abstract leaf design on the lower half and a floral motif along the top, optional elaborate silk off-shoulder sleeves are embroidered and embossed with white lotus flowers trimmed with gold on a self colored background, and a matching headdress with resizer.

Jali comes in rigged mesh in 5 standard sizes – though it successfully with the Maitreya Lara mesh body (seen here), making use of the Alpha HUD.  Jali is available in 6 gorgeous shades–Jade, Ink, Noir, Ivory, Magenta, and Scarlet.
Model:  Jaily Bailey
Photographer:  Bea Serendipity
Ghee – Jali ensemble – Jade   (available at SCALA Yin/Yang Event)

The E.V.A Project presents !Show!


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The E.V.A Project is a fusion of fashion, art, music, and theater. The goal of the project is to showcase how the art forms complement with fashion. E.V.A stands for exceptional, vibrant, and artistic. The project is part of the Kultivate Magazine suite of brands.

!Show! presented in three acts with each act specific to a particular show:  Act 1 – Gypsy, Act 2 – Cabaret, and Act 3 – Moulin Rouge.  Kudos to Eleseren Brianna and John Brianna for bringing to life a stage production of theatrical props, scenery, and choreography, and creating the rezzing boxes which conveniently transformed one Act to the next.  Without a doubt, the world of burlesque is exciting, decadent, thrilling, and vibrant.  I am very very proud to have been in Act 1 and Act 2 of this spectacular production.  Congratulations to Eles and John on a job well done.  I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

Act 1 – Gypsy

Rapture – Genibe gown – Fuchsia
Ryvolter – Mink Princess stole – Black
booN – Lab. 030 with mesh gathered raised hairbase
Sweet Tea – opera gloves – Black
Mandala – Miyabi corsage – Purple
Chop Zuey – La Traviata Jewelled cuffs
Chop Zuey – La Traviata set – Black
Chop Zuey – Black Storm ring
Lelutka mesh head – Simone
Denver’s Kate shape for LelutkaBento head

Act 2 – Cabaret

Dirty Princess – Daddy’s Shipmate Princess outfit with shoes
Lamb. – Bobbi
GHost’Ink – Harley Quinn make-up for Lelutka
Zaara Goa party – Weed Joint
Nailed It – Bright Set – Red
Lelutka – Simone
Denver’s Kate shape for LelutkaBento mesh head

Miss SL ♛ Japan 2017 – Grand Final


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Miss SL ♛ Japan’s Grand Final gown is an inspiration based on a recent Dolce & Gabbana’s Alto Moda 2017 show held in Beijing, China, and also inspiration from the Cherry Blossom Sakura which is the national flower of Japan.

Miss SL ♛ Japan blossoms magnificently in her stunning custom gown by Mami Jewel of AZUL. Her custom colored limited edition satin gown features a romantic tulle overlay skirt sprinkled with heavenly Sakura blossoms and petals. Her matching floral headpiece is also by AZUL. A dazzling array of sparkling jewels, custom colored to match her gown, are from Belle Rousell of CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELRY, elegant coral satin wrap heels from LEVEROOCI, and Sakura nails exclusively created for Miss SL ♛ Japan by Lua Vendetta of LUNA BODY ART.

Miss SL ♛ Japan wishes to thank her sponsors, mentors, and pageant sisters for their kindness, friendship, and expertise, and to her family and friends both in real life and Second Life for their support throughout her pageant journey.

Photographer:  Magissa Denver

-AZUL- Jaily – Salmon pink (Limited edition)
Chop Zuey – Le Voyage de la Terra Australe – earrings, single necklace, pendant, bracelet, and ring – Jaily (color-edited to match gown)
LUNA Body Art – nails – Sakura for Miss SL ♛ Japan
Kendrasy Creations – Lazzy panties – Nude
Leverocci – Satin Wrap Heels – Coral (not shown)
Lelutka – Simone mesh head
Denver’s Kate shape for Lelutka Bento head

Miss SL ♛ Japan wishes to thank Casandra Rain of enVOGUE for creating her elegant updo, inspired by Japanese wedding hair, which is shown to advantage in these two photos.

enVOGUE – Veronica


The Edge/Kultivate Magazine June Issue – Haute Couture Fashion History


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Marie Antoinette’s grand renaissance fashion was the inspiration for my Haute Couture styling. Historical gowns made of silk, satin, and lace were embellished with tulle and floral pieces. A gorgeous mix of silk, satin, tulle, diamonds, and roses truly fit for an 18th Century Queen, wouldn’t you say? Let ’em eat cake!

Photographer: Jaily Bailey

-AZUL- Issy MesH Dress – Pearl
-AZUL- Nora Skirt-Long – Pearl
Virtual D!va – Dejavu Bow – Snow
Boudoir – Eau de Boudoir Couture – upper skirt (edited)
Boudoir – Eau de Boudoir Couture – single rose removed from upper skirt and edited to create the chest piece
Violent Seduction – Gyaru Heels – Pure
“”D!va”” – “Love” – Cat’s eye
Chop Zuey – Sun Umbra Floreo – headband, earrings, double pearl necklace with pendant, and bracelet
Marie Antoinette cupcake (created by model)

Soiree cheek contour
diva! Smoked Topaz eyeshadow – smoke
ATIA’s eyeliner – Cat 2
Blacklace Beauty jelly lipgloss – red
Hello Dave nails – Mary Antoinette – silver

Poses: J’adore Lorraine & VA left hand apple

Location: Petit Trianon-Le Jardin Francais-Fine French Antiques

Miss SL ♛ Japan 2017 – Victoria Secret Challenge


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Miss SL ♛ Japan’s inspiration for her Victoria Secret styling is and always has been Heidi Klum. Other influences for her inspiration are thigh-high boots, long flowing hair, glossy lips, and enthusiasm.

Miss SL ♛ Japan is an angelic vision of red and gold in her radiant Victoria Secret ensemble. She wears Posh, a gorgeous lingerie set by GizzA. Posh’s bodysuit features dainty red lace edged with glittering princess-cut gold diamonds, a fabulous jewelled headpiece also featuring princess-cut gold diamond, and luxurious feather wings embellished with little seed pearls

Miss SL ♛ Japan accessorizes her shimmering look by adding an array of dazzling jewels from Chop Zuey as well as fabulous thigh-high Azalea boots from Empire. She completes her overall look by dusting light gold glitter on her body, light gold eye shadow, red nails, and natural high gloss for her lips.

Photographer: Jackson Redstar
Location: Memento Mori

GizzA – Posh Bodysuit – red with gold gems
GizzA – Posh Bodysuit wings – red
GizzA – Posh Bodysuit head gems – gold
Chop Zuey – Chandrani pendant (worn on wings)
Chop Zuey – Tres Monegasque bracelets
EMPIRE – Azalea boots
TRUTH – Thelma

Izzie’s – Body Glitter Tattoo – light gold
Izzie’s – Glitter Eyeshadow light gold
Soiree – Razorbone cheek contour
Romance Couture – inner eyeliner – simple soft brown
ATIA’s – eyeliner – Cat
Blacklace Beauty – lip gloss – Hi-Gloss Clear


Miss SL ♛ Japan 2017 – National Costume


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Miss SL ♛ Japan’s inspiration for her national costume is Amaterasu, the Shinto Goddess of the Sun.  Ouhirume, another name for Amaterasu, shines light on hidden things and is a protector against deception. She protects the scared mirror, Yata no Kagami, which is one of the three treasures of Japan, and challenges us to look at ourselves clearly and honestly.  Ouhirume’s home is the Ise Shrine, located in Honshu, Japan.  The shrine’s maiden colors are red and white

Miss SL ♛ Japan’s masterpiece national costume called Ouhirume was custom-created by June Dion of Bare Rose.  Historically, her extremely elegant robe, called a Junihitoe with its wide bell sleeves, was worn only by noble women at formal ceremonies centuries ago.  In present day, it is officially worn only for the Imperial Enthronement Ceremony and Royal Weddings.  She wears a golden crown, anklets, necklace, also created by Bare Rose.  To complete her national presentation, she wears a traditional Japanese hairstyle called Geisha Shimada, and basic Geta sandals both by Anachron.

Miss SL ♛ Japan stands nobly in the center of the mirror which is part of Ouhirume’s shrine, and reflects on the meaning of Amaterasu—Shining in Heaven.

My deepest and grateful thanks to June Dion of BareRose for making my spectacular noble costume and to Dahriel del Piero from PosESioN for making my custom Kimono custom poses.

Photographer:  Jackson Redstar
Location:   Calas Parks @ Glanduin

BareRose – Ouhirume Miss SL Japan National Costume
BareRose – Ouhirume Ise Shrine
Anachron – Geisha Shimada hair – Noirette
Anachron – Basic Geta – Asanhoa Red

Violetta – Kitsune makeup 01
Violetta – Kitsune makeup 02

Miss SL ♛ Japan 2017 – 3rd Mini Challenge – Freebies Only Challenge


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Miss SL ♛ Japan has created a mix & match Goth styling for her 3rd Mini challenge, using only items which are free.  The items can be group gifts providing the group is free to join.

Tuty’s – sweater dress w/HUD (Marketplace)
Lazzira Roxanne Heels for Slink high (MarketPlace)
face2face Net Body Set – top only (MarketPlace)
Res – laced leg tattoo black (MarketPlace)
no wow – cross tattoo for ankle (MarketPlace)
Identity Body Shop – Last Symbols tattoo for hands (MarketPlace)
Shiny Stuffs – black lips (MarketPlace)
Hail shoulder Kitten (color edited) (MarketPlace)
Glam Nails – Lust (MarketPlace)
B2L classic glasses (color edited) (MarketPlace)
Solstice Star ring (MarketPlace)
Alienbear – Black Widow necklace (MarketPlace)
Gia Argenta set – belt only (MarketPlace)
L’Etre.Les accessoires – Black/Silver diamond septum (gift from the Tres Chic event – free group join)
No.Match – No Tomorrow (gift from the Ultra event – free group join)
Zibska – Maddie eyeshadow (gift from the Ultra event – free group join)
Open Collar – Ruffneck collar (free for everyone, no group join requred)
Open Collar – Thorny collar – for right upper thigh(free for everyone, no group join required)
Maitreya – mesh eyelashes (group gift–free to join)

Miss SL ♛2017 – 2nd Mini Challenge – Japanese Fan Dance


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Location:  Moonlight Teahouse

~Ss~ (Sakka Flow) – Uchikake princess kimono – red
Ambrosia – Kimono tabi – plain
Gawk – cotton tights – white
~Ss~ (Sakka Flow) – Anmitsu hair – black
Silvery K – headdress – Sakura
Zashiki-gi – Maiougi fans – Black & Gold sparkles

Soiree – Razorbone cheek contour – heavy
Izzie’s – Large area eyeshadow – yellow orange
ATIA’s – eyeliner – Bold
{aii} – Geisha’s Kiss lips – red
Eyelure – lipgloss 3

Pose:  *PosESioN* Tsukuyomi 2fix5

Miss SL ♛2017 – Press Presentation – Guo Pei Chinese Haute Couture


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Miss SL ♛ Japan’s inspiration is haute couture Fantasy with Chinese influences, from the extraordinarily talented designer Guo Pei.  Using artistic and creative elements, such as symbols, motifs, myths as well as luxurious silk, tassels, and ornate gold, Guo Pei is definitely China’s Queen of Couture.

Miss SL ♛ Japan wears a gorgeous custom gown named Jaily, designed by Bea Serendipity of Ghee.  Her eye-catching silk Ink gown is embossed with an Asian-leaf motif that enhances and defines her curves.  Her  stunning jacket is also made of silk with beautiful white Lotus against an ink-blue background.  She accessorizes her styling with ornate gold jewellery from Mandala, a sleek up-do from Boon, and a fabulous Chinese Fan headpiece of ornate gold mesh with ink-blue tassels on either side which she created herself.  For a little fun drama on the red carpet, Miss SL ♛ Japan slips her pet Katatonik Ice dragon around her waist.

Photographer:  Jackson Redstar

Location:  The Rose Theatre & Art Gallery

Ghee – Jaily gown – Ink
booN – Lab.015
Chinese Fan hat w/tassles – created by me
Mandala – Tefutefu jewelry set – Buddah Gold
Katatonik – wearable Dragon – Ice

Soiree – cheek contour
Mon Cherie – lashes
ATIA’s eyeliner
Ocean – mesh eyeliner – Bardot
blackLiquid – Vixen lips
Eyelure – clear lip gloss
La Boheme – nails – Lotus Gold